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E/M Coating Services.
Among the solid film lubricant coatings applied by E/M Coating Services are Everlube, Ever-Slik, Lube-Lok, Lubri-Bond, Flurene and Perma-Slik. E/M Coating Services applies other coatings that provide performance-enhancing benefits such as corrosion protection, wear resistance, electrical insulation, electromagnetic shielding and chemical agent resistance.
Coatings Specialty Chemicals for Paints, Inks, Plastics, Textiles and Packaging Lubrizol.
Lubrizol offers PTFE-Alternative Surface Modifiers enabling inks and coatings formulations with similar protection and aesthetic properties previously attained with PTFE formulations. Lubrizol offers PTFE-Alternative Surface Modifiers enabling inks and coatings formulations with similar protection and aesthetic properties previously attained with PTFE formulations.
Coatings for Tubtara blind rivet nuts manufactured by Dejond Cold Forming.
The Ultra 1000 is more than doubling the resistance to red rust in the salt spray test compared to the standard Zinktop. The offer of blue, black and yellow trivalent coatings, as well as the Cobalt-free Zinktop, are developed to tackle imminent Reach regulations and can be delivered on demand.
Coatings FLINN.
The heat treatment of wheat flour gives it the necessary functional properties for usage in batter mixes. Cold thickening geared to the customer's' needs, improved stability of the batter due to deactivation of the enzymes. Range: batter flour, batter mix, tempura mix, predust and breaders.
TECHNO COATINGS is an ISO 9001/AS9100 certified by NSF-ISR facility and still remains a major part of TECHNO AEROSPACE. TECHNO COATINGS is an FAA Repair Station Certificate No. Services include a wide range of offerings from plating to finishing to restoration and more.
Hardide Coatings Advanced Surface Coating Technology.
Our range of nanostructured coatings can be applied to a wide range of metallic substrates including stainless steels, superalloys, tool and carbon steels as well as nickel, copper and cobalt-based alloys, and are a recognised replacement for hard chrome and cadmium plating, ceramics and HVOF tungsten carbides.
COatings for BipolaR plAtes
The project will contribute in defining new coatings combining passivity and conductive properties by i material selection, ii screening of the coating elaboration process, iii performance evaluation in stack configuration in real operating conditions, iv techno-economical evaluation for large scale industrial production.
ASTM International Workshop on Coatings for the Medical Dev.
An intended outcome is a strategy for developing coatings standards and specifications that will augment the pending ISO TC 150 coatings document ISO 17327. Planned sessions for this workshop include.: Introduction to Coatings and ISO 17327. Coatings for soft tissue interfaces.
Tribocorrosion of electroless nickel coatings Université de Mons.
Electroless nickel coatings present a good alternative to hard chrome plating in several applications. Among those coatings, nickel-boron is hard, self-lubricating, wear and abrasion resistant while nickel-phosphorus is known for its corrosion resistance. Recent work has shown the interest of combining both types of coatings for some properties.
Coatings Sirris.
Home Materials Coatings. The coatings market is constantly growing and evolving. New coating innovations are being marketed, but in many cases have only been tested at laboratory scale. The challenges are to optimise, apply, scale-up and industrialise coatings on real 3D products and in production.
Denver Pavement Maintenance Service Located in Arvada Coatings, Inc.
Without timely maintenance, pavement erodes, and a simple crack can become a major repair quickly. At Coatings, Inc. our pavement professionals will work to make sure your project is completed on time and on budget and we never leave any job incomplete.

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